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 PredWeb Joomla! 3.0 Photo Editor v.3.0(Stable)

PredWeb Joomla! 3.0 Photo Editor v3.0 component is flash application based on famous pixlr photo editor for editing .jpg, .png and .bmp images directly in your browser. It have most of the PhotoShop great features and options. Tools like Brushes, Magic Wand, Pinch and Bloat, Burn and Smudge, Clone Stamp and many others will make online photo editing fun and powerfull. The application support things like Layers, many type of filters, multiple undo/redo, 14 prebuild languages, image adjustments and many, many others. The user is alowed to open images from his computer or directly from internet URL. You also can build gallerys with images linked to the editor, so the user can easy just click and edit the image. For more information, please look at PredWeb Tutorials section. To try the editor, visit our Demo section.
To see how you can build your own translation, create a language installation package and install it, please visit our PredWeb Tutorials section.

PredWeb Joomla! 3.0 Photo Editor v.3.0.1

Downloaded: 5913 times File size: 352.68 Kb MD5 Signature: edeecfda897b2e60429827655c6de5e4 SHA1 Signature: f8a2602a831a09e1cebba21472193eace244b011

English language pack for jPhotoEditor v3.0

Downloaded: 2823 times File size: 2.96 Kb MD5 Signature: 0000c698927af243640fb3f06224445c SHA1 Signature: f15ea25c8a7cfd593ccc99d7d5b310d2f498286a

English language pack for PredWeb Joomla! Photo Editor v3.0
Download this package and use it as a base for your translations. You can find Instructions in the "PredWeb Tutorials" section.
And don`t forget to send me your translation, so I can share it with the community :-)